WSNL: West Side Networking League

WSNL: West Side Networking League is an affiliate of FTN: Face Time Networking, LLC and meets the meets on the first and third Thursday 11:30am to 1:30pm at Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery7640 W Bell Rd, Glendale, AZ 85308 

West Side Phoenix Networking
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To learn if a seat is open in this group for your business, contact FTN at or call 480-233-2683. Learn more Here.

WSNL is a newly forming group and you can see from the listing below there is plenty of room to grow. All FTN groups have no more than 35 members per group and require an interview before you become a member. Full calendar schedule Here for West Side Networking League (WSNL) at our Meetup Group.

Below is a list of members in WSNL with a link to their website. This list is updated periodically and may not show the current membership. Feel free to call the FTN office at 480-233-2683 if you are interested in visiting West Side Networking League.

Profession Company Name Member Name
Architect/Designer Adams Desigh Adams, Jack
Real Estate – Residential Remax Flood, Mary Ann
Financial Advisor Waddell and Reed Fulton, Mark
Banking BBVA Compass Grady, Todd
Mortgage AMG Mortgage Herman, Jr, Charles
Greeting Cards Send Out Cards Jacobsen, Diane
Insurance Health Humana Marketpoint Kirchhevel, Joe
Fire Protection AP Fire Protection Lewis, Michelle
Book keeping M2 Bookkeeping McAvoy, Natalie
Merchant Services Hartland Payment Systems Nupoff, Micheal
Contractor/Handyman Distinctive Builders Pickering, Mike
Personal Trainer Iron Girlz Rodriguez, Tracey
Corporate Gift Baskets All In the Present Rykowski, Heather
Insurance P&C Farmers Insurance Schaffroth, April
Budget Expert The Budget Expert Schroeder, Jason
Car Buying Consultant Carsultants Sinuk, Brian
IT Tech Paramedics von Hopf, Kenneth