Face Time Friday

Face Time Friday™ was started by Kenneth von Hopf in May 2008. The inspiration came to Kenneth when several people would ask him if they could have some “face time” with him to discuss how to better network.

Face Time Friday Smiling Coffee

Rather than talk with all these individuals separately, the idea came of why not designate Friday afternoons to sitting in a coffee shop and invite those individuals to just come and talk and have coffee. That turned into MANY people showing up and networking very efficiently and effectively; and creating relationships, referrals and providing resources. Many people begin to close down their week on Friday afternoons, yet still want to be able to meet prospects and even write business. Face Time Friday™ offers a vehicle to do just that. In fact, we can say confidently that there has not been a single Face Time Friday™ where new business wasn’t written and new connections were not made.

Our first Face Time Friday™ was in Scottsdale and soon we had people begging us to come to their neighborhood. We now host Face Time Friday™ three afternoons every month in different locations around the Greater Phoenix area. See the calendar for details of dates and locations.

Be sure to join the group and stay informed of when and where we meet.